VIPEQ®F08 Thermal CorkShield on pool curb in Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)

Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana
Project description

Good morning everyone!

If you have a pool you know how important it is to take care of the soil around it, with the arrival of spring, 🌞 the bathing season in our pool is approaching and the need arises to prepare it correctly to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, as They did in this work that we want to present, work carried out with ✨VIPEQ®F08✨ in Alicante by our Approved applicator. 🤩

Being an area especially exposed to the elements, the pool floor suffers throughout the year. The sun’s rays 🌞 dry out the material, and the wind and rain bring dirt and mold that accumulates. As if that were not enough, as soon as summer arrives and the pool begins to be used, the chlorine and lime in the water adhere to the pavement and can cause stains. Cork, due to its low water content, is unassailable by any of these organisms, resulting in completely rottenness. ✍️✅

In addition, in summer, the soil around the pools is usually wet, so it is very important to make sure that the flooring is sufficiently non-slip, since otherwise safety may be compromised. ✍️✅

Cork is an adaptable material, not heavy and usable both indoors and outdoors 🤩. Among its characteristics are also naturalness and sustainability, which make it an option that is respectful with the environment🌍. In addition, it is recyclable ♻️ practically to infinity.

VIPEQ®✨ is a brand that responds to the current demands of protection and preservation of the environment 🌍❤️. And with our 10-year guarantee🦸!

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