Features, benefits and types of VIPEQ® Insulation, 100% ecological and recyclable. ♻️

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Can it be blown into any chamber?

If the question is whether it can be blown into any available air chamber, the a priori answer is yes.

We present 2 types of alternatives to insufflate chambers.

VIPEQ® cellulose has the following characteristics, which make it an environmentally friendly and effective insulation material:

  • High thermal resistance.
  • Good fire performance Euro class Bs2-d0.
  • Good acoustic performance.
  • Very little energy is needed for its application.
  • Thanks to its texture, the material can be blown even in the most difficult to reach areas.

VIPEQ® Granulated cork 2-4mm. is also an ecological insulator. The insufflated granulated cork is a product obtained during the cork cork harvesting process. It is a 100% ecological and recyclable product, from a renewable raw material.

  • The sprayed cork option provides a special color and aesthetics. It helps to renew the facade, avoiding repainting every few years.
  • It avoids the appearance of cracks in the facades.
  • It registers a high durability, without loss of properties.
  • It is considered the most economical alternative to Sate, with a multitude of aesthetic and color options.
  • Insufflated cork, in small chambers or if there is a difference in thickness, is a recommended solution.

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