VIPEQ®F-OXIPROTEC Characteristics

Foral Community of Navarra
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The possibilities of ✨VIPEQ®✨ products are as wide as you can imagine, as for example in this case.

We all have metal objects in our home. Over time, metal furniture and objects lose their natural color and become dull. Often it is not easy to keep them looking like new, so here we are going to show you how to fight against the oxidation of metals.

✨VIPEQ®-F-OXIPROTEC✨ ThermaCorkShield with passivating properties against rust, thus protecting our support.

Cork is among the most durable organic materials 😎. They are practically not subject to aging and despite the passage of time does not lose its properties, and even in some harsh environments.

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In ✨VIPEQ®✨ we take seriously the responsibility with the environment and the care of our planet thinking about future generations 🌍❤️.

Save water✅, save electricity✅, reduce waste✅, recycle✅, buy wisely✅, care for forests. ✅

✨VIPEQ®✨a planet-friendly brand 🌍❤️.

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