Characteristics of VIPEQ® CELLULOSE, Insulation based on recycled paper. ♻️

Foral Community of Navarra,
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✨VIPEQ®✨CELLULOSE insulation is produced by shredding paper for recycling, mainly that from surplus runs of daily newspapers, and mixing it with boron salts.

At the same time, these salts are harmless and completely safe for people, animals and air quality. 🌍❤️.

This insulation product is usually applied on site by spraying the walls and ceilings with a spray hose, or insufflated, by making small holes in the walls or false ceilings where a hose with a cannula is inserted and the existing holes are filled.

The main advantages offered by ✨VIPEQ®✨CELLULOSE are as follows:

  • Good thermal insulation with a low conductivity coefficient that prevents heat transmission and stores energy, balancing maximum and minimum temperatures in summer and protecting from the cold in winter.
  • It is hygroscopic as it absorbs water vapor, reducing condensation and allowing the house to breathe
  • The boric salts used in its manufacture give it excellent flame retardant properties that prevent the spread of fire without generating toxic gases.
  • These same salts confer fungicidal properties, protecting the home against insect pests.
  • Due to its low density, it is homogeneously distributed and adapts to any cavity, which, in addition to avoiding thermal bridges, also gives it properties as an acoustic insulator..
  • Low CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process, since very little energy is required to obtain the final product.
  • Ecological material since the raw material used for its production is recycled and the resulting final product is recyclable (biodegradable and compostable).

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