Before and after with Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ®F08 in United States of America

Project description

Good Morning! 🌞

This time we bring you a wooden house 🌳 designed with ✨VIPEQ®F08✨.

In this case, the entire house has been projected in the same color and the uniform finish of the cork projected on the façade is seen, even on the projections and reliefs.

We can observe the state in which the wood was before the projected cork ✨VIPEQ®F08✨, highlighting the significant change after applying it. It is a flexible material, breathable to steam, does not spread fire, thermal and acoustic corrector, and also … Forget about maintenance for a long time! 10-year warranty ‍♀️ 🛡️. 100% ecological material ♻️. Work done in United States of America.

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