Before and after VIPEQ®F08 Thermal CorkShield (United States)

Project description


Today we want to present this work done in the United States, by our APPROVED applicator.

The support was aged paint due to the passage of time. The previous works were focused on cleaning the support with a hydro-cleaner, repairing small cracks and regularizing the surface.

Subsequently, ✨VIPEQ✨ sprayed cork was applied in two coats until a thickness of 3 mm was achieved. The chosen color is black F08, the sprayed cork ✨VIPEQ✨ will act as a protective barrier against cold and heat in addition to breaking possible thermal bridges.

Sprayed cork ✨VIPEQ✨ is a decorative coating applied in thin layer composed of cork particles and different types of acrylic resins that are applied by mechanical means.

We observe the decorative possibilities that projected cork offers. In this case the whole house has been projected in the same color and we can appreciate the uniform finish of the projected cork on the facade, even in the projections and reliefs, giving an aesthetic continuity with a flexible coating, avoiding cracks over time.

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