Before and after the VIPEQ® F08 Thermal CorkShield in Lleida, Catalonia.

Lleida, Catalonia
Project description


We want to show you the before and after of a work done in Lleida, where we can appreciate all the benefits of our product.

Did you know that the high concentration of ambient humidity in a house can create the perfect breeding ground for the appearance and proliferation of fungi, molds and mites?

In a house with dampness, energy costs skyrocket🚀. From the moment moisture appears, regardless of its size or severity, the house is no longer energy efficient. !

VIPEQ® sprayed cork is a totally ecological coating that can be sprayed on almost any surface with unique performance, in addition to achieving a special color and aesthetics.

VIPEQ® is a brand that meets today’s requirements for environmental protection and preservation.

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