Before and after the VIPEQ® F08 Thermal CorkShield in Busot, Alicante, Valencia (Spain).

Alicante, Valencian Community
Project description


Today we want to present the work done in Busot, Alicante with our sprayed cork ✨VIPEQ® F08✨ in chosen color, in which we can appreciate the sharpness in color and finish is leaving an elegant, sober🤩 housing, improving the living conditions to its tenants.

Unlike a chlorinated rubber paint, the sprayed cork avoids its chipping due to humidity, which prolongs the aesthetic factor for more years👌.

Unlike a single-coat paint, the flexible behavior of sprayed cork avoids cracks, 😎 which again prolongs the aesthetic factor for more years. 👌 And unlike any strictly waterproofing solution, sprayed cork also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. 👌 As if that were not enough, it presents the two most important characteristics that we should always demand from a facade waterproofing: it is breathable and waterproof. 🤩

Work done by our APPROVED applicator. Excellent work EDU !!!!

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