VIPEQ® Thermal CorkShield in Tajonar, Navarra (Spain)

Tajonar, Navarra
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Is your house prepared for the cold and humidity?

Having our home prepared for the different climatic conditions that arise is vital. And is that sometimes extreme cold or heat end up entering the house making our stay uncomfortable. Is your house prepared for the cold and humidity? Find out here.

Thermal insulators can be installed on walls, ceilings and even floors.

In the case of cold climates. Insulating the home means savings of up to 35% 👌in heating costs. We give you some ideas to protect your home against inclement weather.

When you choose an insulator. Make sure it has these characteristics to give you excellent results. 🤩

  • High thermal resistance that protects both cold and heat ✍️✅
  • Sound insulation ✍️✅
  • Resistance to heat transfer ✍️✅
  • Low conductivity ✍️✅
  • Fire tolerance ✍️✅

When choosing an insulator, take into account your type of home, roof, floor and the weather conditions of the area where you live. If you have doubts, ask your trusted advisor. ✨VIPEQ®✨. With a 10-year warranty 🦸♂️🛡️ and proven performance around the world, it will rejuvenate the exterior or interior of your home in an eco-friendly way♻️. Don’t let your money fly away 💸!

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