VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.®, a Company dedicated to the trade of chemical products, states that the quality, preservation and protection of the Environment is a primary objective within its activities.


Our company is aware of the importance of quality and environment in each of the processes of the company, which determines the documentation, implementation and maintenance procedures of a Quality and Environmental Management System based on ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, appropriate to the nature, magnitude of the risks and environmental impact of its activities, products and services.

For this, VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.® has defined its Quality and Environment Policy with the following commitments:

  • Our company counts on professionals who meet the requirements and expectations of our customers by offering a quality service, since our main objective is customer satisfaction.
  • Compliance with legal and applicable regulatory requirements to our activity and all additional requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.
  • Make a continuous effort in minimizing the environmental impact derived from our activities, prioritizing the application of technologies and processes based on minimization and valorization criteria.
  • Establish objectives that are reviewed periodically and aimed to achieve continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • Assign the material, human and technical resources necessary for the development of this policy through the design and implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System.
  • Facilitate the level of training necessary for the efficient performance of the functions and tasks of our workers.

The Management of VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 SL® endorses the above-mentioned principles, promotes them through effective leadership among all the members of the company and develops them in the documents of its Quality and Environmental Management System, which hereby declares mandatory.

Signed: Management of


Date: 01/01/2018