VIPEQ® Granulated Cork 0.5 – 1 mm is a completely ecological insulator. The blown granulated cork is a product obtained during the uncorking of the cork oak. It is a 100% ecological and recyclable product, made from a renewable raw material.

To obtain it, only natural cork granules are used. It is a magnificent thermal and acoustic insulator and is very effective against humidity. The λ of the blown cork is 0.040 W / mº C.

Lambda (λ) is a coefficient that indicates the ability to transmit heat and represents the ease with which it conducts. A material will be better insulating the lower its lambda.

If you are looking for a totally ecological solution, our cork is your first option.

Appearance Granulated product
Final texture Fine texture
Density 50 – 60 Kg/m3
Granulometry 0,5 – 1 mm

VIPEQ® Granulated packaging

The granules can be shipped packed in raffia, plastic or big bags, depending on the quantities and available stock.

VIPEQ® Granulated Properties

VIPEQ® Granulated has multiple physical-mechanical properties such as its low density, impermeability, and its improvement at a thermal, acoustic and vibratory level.

Thermal and acoustic performance

Mechanical strength

Dimensional stability

Great durability without loss of characteristics

Healthier natural product

Energy saving

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