VIPEQ F10 is a granulate mixture of cork, water-based acrylic resins, organic polymers, mineral charges and waterproofing featured additives.

Its composition features make this product perfect to coat roofs and non-passable terracesasbestos encapsulation and industrial buildings aesthetics rehabilitation.

VIPEQ F10 extends the lifespan of the materials exposed to atmospheric conditions such as tiles, ribbed panels, corrugated iron and tegolas, avoiding filtration risk.

Appearance Pasted-like product
Final texture Fine finish
Density 20-70 Kg/m3
Granulometry 0,4 – 1 mm
Fire resistance (UNE-EN 13501:2002) Bs2d0 y Broof (t1)


Wide colour range

Due to VIPEQ F10 composition, it can be produced in any RAL or NCS colour our clients need. Roof or asbestos encapsulation waterproofing can therefore also be used to provide a new decorative touch to the building.

VIPEQ F10 Features

VIPEQ®F10 is a versatile product that allows the creation of a protective membrane on roofs and areas exposed to water, providing waterproofing and thermal corrector in the same application.

Impermeable a la lluvia

Rain waterproof

Its resin particular composition provides waterproof features. It can be applied both in vertical or horizontal surfaces.
Aislamiento acústico

Acoustic conditioner

Rain impact sound-absorber (drum effect).


It avoids the appearance of cracks or fissures in the coating material from the roof system, which may arise due to structural or thermal movements, or wrong working placement.
Baja conductividad

Low conductivity

Actúa como corrector térmico en puentes térmicos, aplicado en elementos singulares exteriores como cornisa, molduras, arcos, salientes de balcones, y frentes de forjados. Muy baja conductividad tanto de calor como de sonido o vibraciones.

Escala de conductividad térmica λ (W/mK)

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