Transparent waterproofing product based on modified activated aliphatic polyurethane, three-component, that improves adhesion on low absorption substrates and optimizes crosslinking.


  • Protective and sealing final layer of quartz based coating Stone VIPEQ.
  • Waterproofing and protective layer on terraces, balconies and roofs.


  • Water vapour permeability ≈ 5 g/m2 day
  • Tensile strength ≥ 6.5 N/mm2 and adherence > 2.5 N/mm2
  • Providing PU3 is transparent, it can be applied on skylights, policarbonate materials or similar.
  • High adherence on most substrates.
  • Compatible with high and low absorption materials such as ceramic, granite, plastics, fibers, etc.
  • It endures pedestrian traffic as final protective layer of the coating Stone VIPEQ.

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